About Us

Hello. Our hotel has been present for over 20 years. We make the best for all our customers.

Hotel RedBury is the three-star hotel located in the Ghaziabad with upscale facilities. We provide exclusive and luxury hospitality experience to the guest. Our hotel rooms are designed with modern technology and also have elegance with artistic features.

With offer perfect room for both business and leisure travellers. The location of the hotel is situated between the hub city of Ghaziabad. It is a very affordable property for all travellers. In the hotel, you can also enjoy luxury and amazing amenities at a reasonable price. Our hotel also offers fitness facilities with fine dining and business centres.

Our hotel has been offering high-quality services for many years. We are offering services to make the best for all our customers with ease. Customers can also explore high definitions of design rooms at an affordable price. Our hotel is providing unmatched well-appointed and comfortable rooms.

Our main motive is to offer high-quality services to customers to satisfy their vacation experience. Even, you can also enjoy complimentary breakfast with rooms. Our hotel also offers hassle-free reservations in advance to enjoy top-class amenities without any issue.

The location of the hotel is beneficial for travellers so that they can access their work with ease. It is the way through which you can make your holidays in the best way.

Travelers can afford the hotel booking without breaking the account. Our hotel also offers a welcome drink to the guest to make the guest feel relax and fresh. To get you connected with the work our hotel also offers Wi-Fi service and also enjoys unlimited entertainment.

To make travellers feel comfortable during summer times we offer swimming pool service. To explore the city our hotel also offers a bike on rent and enjoy holiday without any hassle at reasonable price.

Standard Rooms

Attach Bathroom with Hot & cold Shower

Banquet Hall-1

For 250 to 400 Guests

Conference Room

For 200-400 Guests

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









Begins the staying with a welcome drink and feel fresh and relaxed. We are not limited to welcome drink as we also offer complimentary breakfast with a variety of options. Our hotel also offers a buffet to enjoy delicious meals.


To help the customer with the connection of work we also offer Wi-Fi service. It also helps customers to upload their vacation pictures without any disturbance.


We understand the needs of customers due to which hotels also offer Gym facilities. This way, they do not need to left fitness at the time of vacation. Our hotel also offers swimming facilities to enjoy summer vacation.


Our hotel also included the top class restaurants where guests can enjoy a variety of dishes. Our hotel consisted of professional chefs to serve dished of the best quality.